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May 3, 2014 1:30pm EDT
on exchange rates. >> china may be an economic challenge. russia is a more nasty foreign-policy challenge. it just seems to get tenser. >> we had russia calling for an emergency meeting. i think this will be little more than a mudslinging match. separatists who are pro-russian, shooting down two helicopters and killing ukrainian troops. we see the situation escalating. despite the escalation of sanctions, the situation on the ground seems to get worse. we do not see putin changing. >> let's talk about sanctions. why not tougher sections? why not go after the big banks? ratchet them up right now? >> the u.s. administration says if we throw all sanctions out immediately, we keep nothing in our pocket. we need to drip them out little by little. we need to warn putin and get him to pull back from the brink. show him the cost of going further. for the europeans, there is division within 28 economies. some like britain want to go whole hog. more, harder sanctions. others like germany and italy and others are not so sure. it will boomerang back on their economies. >> germany is the key. >> germa
Apr 27, 2014 1:30pm EDT
phrased it right. how do we look? we look weak against russia and china. the president is traveling around the pacific rim knowing he can't get a pacific trade deal because his own democrats have no interest in taking a trade or motion authority. >> let's return to politics. i tried to play albert the greek and put odds on republicans. tell me why i am wrong. >> anybody's odds are as good as anybody's in such an early stage. looking at your list, i have a couple of observations. my friend was not on there and i have endorsed him. i see jon and a couple of the national governors would all be well positioned to consider. we have talked about this before, they are coming from a statehouse. i think you may be underestimated the current strength of rand paul. he really is building on infrastructure that his father had, strong vote totals in the early primary states. in a country, and electric mood, that is not exactly right or -- >> what about jeb bush? >> i think that is about right. >> i think things are on -- [indiscernible] i agree scott walker and other governors, a strong place. people ru
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)